Charities We Support

Liberty Group Funding has committed to donate $100 from every Pennsylvania closing to help fund Shalom’s programs aimed at first-use drug prevention in our Philadelphia area schools.

Shalom Inc. is a Philadelphia based non-profit that is focused on first-use drug prevention, education, and counseling. Prescription drug and heroin abuse has become an epidemic in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. The good folks at Shalom work with Philadelphia area schools to attack the drug problem before it start with education and counseling.

From Shalom’s website: High School Prevention Program
Our High School Prevention/Intervention Program is celebrating its 40th year! Prevention/Intervention services are proactive in supporting resiliency in adolescents. All students have access to our services including leadership training, adolescent challenges and life transitions. Challenges range from difficulties faced by adolescents because of family circumstances and also living in an urban society.

Prevention/Intervention programs are based upon small group and individual support for those students who identify concerns themselves or are referred for assistance by teachers, parents, or peers, or the Student Assistance Team.

Specialists provide a safe environment that encourages adolescents to address life experiences and challenges which may include alcohol, drugs, tobacco and gambling issues. Prevention/Intervention also provide consultation services for families, school administration, faculty and staff as well as outreach to the community. They coordinate and monitor leadership activities (i.e. Student Against Destructive Decisions, Cultural Diversity and Shalom, Inc. Youth Advisory Board). They also serve as ad hoc members on the schools’ Student Assistance Programs and coordinate SAP Assessment and Consultation services for adolescents and their families.

Please visit their site at Liberty Group Funding encourages you to make a private donation as well. Drug education and prevention programs are severely underfunded. Every dollar helps.